Sony Sold Oer 1 Million PS4s

Sony today announced that they have sold through over 1 million PS4s in the first 24 hours it went on sale. The PS4 has smashed every other consoles first month launch sales by a wider margain as you can see in this grap. The PS2 is missing in the chart but that only sold 391,245 in its first month.


As you can see the first 24 hours has been fantastic and let’s hope that they can restock before Black Friday. This chart is for North American only. The PS4 releases on the 29th November for us in Europe and it’s very likely they can double maybe triple those sales. Also to point out because some people will argue that these are shipped not sold. @yosp have confirmed these are sold.

The Xbox One will release next week in 13 countries and in my opinion will not sell as much althogh MS will announce numbers as shipped worldwide.

Thanks for reading.



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