Time Flies

Hey guys, can you believe we’re already 3 months into 2015? Time sure does fly when you get older. Nothing has changed much for me and I really don’t think it but I will get into that later. I just wanted to say I apologise for not updating my blog. I know I keep promising to update it often but I just don’t have anything interesting to say. Let’s get to it then and I sure do hope you enjoy reading it.

Well I’ve been looking for work for a few months now and No one will hire me. I’m looking for any jobs and apprenticeships but I haven’t had any luck with it at all. It makes me feel worse about me because I already feel unwanted as it is and this feels like it’s confirming it that. I mean I’m trying my best at everything I do and It’s not good enough for anybody. I’m tired of being me, I mean, what I have done to deserve this? I’m doing well at college but that’s only one evening a week. I’m very thankful I’ve made a friend there because it makes it much better than being alone.

Now on to my love life or should I say lack of love life. I don’t think I’ll find anyone to ever love me because let’s be honest girls want the muscled heroes and not the fat ugly loser. Many girls have lied to me saying they’ve liked me but they just say that to get what they wanted and I’ve lost so much money on that but that’s my fault for being gullible. I really do think I’m going to die without ever knowing love and it just gets to me.  I know I shouldn’t admit this but I do cry myself to sleep what with not being good enough to get a job and being unwanted by the female sex.

that’s the bad over and done with now on to the good.

Florida was amazing!!! I really feel like I belong in America, there were lots of nice people and I enjoyed every sing;e day I was there. I got over my fear of roller-coasters and enjoyed going on them every single time I went to universal Studios. The dragon challenge was my favourite ride I went on. I ate so much nice food and I didn’t gain much weight which I’m thankful for. I’m hoping to go again next year but this time to Vegas but let’s see what deals there are.

I’m starting to learn to drive next month, I’m getting my provisional license this month so I’m looking forward to that and I can’t wait to drive all over the UK.  I’ve also got over 130 plainum trophies on my PSN account which I’m very proud of even though I know they’re not important.

Anyway thanks for reading and I’ll update my blog on how my driving is getting alone.

Take care



Update on Snowy

Hey Readers!!

I know it’s been a while since I have l last posted but I’m going to catch you up with all that’s happened.

Well since since the beginning of this year I have lost 50 pounds and I’m still going strong. I don’t think I look any different or feel different but my clothe size proves that I am. haha. Anyway that is my weight news over and done with but I still have plenty left to tell you.

In 17 days I will be flying to Germany to go to Gamescom. I am very excited for it also very scared. I will be uploading all the pictures I will take so you all can share my experiences with me.

Starting September I will be going to college to study web development and multimedia . I have enrolled and done everything and I can’t wait to start it. I am also getting some work experience at the Job centre which will be a great addition to my cv because currently I have nothing. ha

i am not as sad as I once was but I do get bad days and I still manage to upset people. I really do apologies for that but nobody is perfect , right?

Anywho, Thank you for reading and I will be updating my blog more often now and I will start a new blog for reviews of games and movies if people wish to read them.

See you later,


Another Christmas Another Year

Yes it’s this time again. The Holidays. This year has been much better than previous years except I didn’t get to go on my holiday, I lost £1000+ because the shitty insurance company refuses to pay out and I still don’t have anyone. I have been out much more though, I started going to the gym and I started to go to the cinema weekly so that’s a start. Hopefully next year will be even better.

Christmas always makes me sad though because it always reminds me how lonely I am and how unimportant I am to people. Now I’m used to not getting anything for my birthday and Christmas, I always expect nothing. Hey at least I can’t get disappointed. I did get an early Christmas present from an amazing friend and some chocolates from another friend. I loved those presents. ❤ Thank you again you two.

I’ve spent so much money on people this Christmas, well mainly on one person and a coupel of others. 🙂 I don’t buy presents expecting anything in return because they’re happiness is what’s important to me. Also you can’t get hurt if you don’t expect anything. Anyway I’m getting off track, I hope everyone enjoyed what I got them and I’m sorry I couldn’t get them anything more.

I know I won’t be getting anything for my birthday and I’m not saying this looking for pity, I’m just being honest. I don’t feel right when people offer to get me something after reading I won’t be getting anything. Sure it will make me sad but once that day is gone I will be happy again.

The girl I really like, I still have no idea where I stand with her and it’s very complicated. That’s where most of money has gone. It’s not a small amount either. She didn’t ask for anything but I have nothing else to offer to her. I’m expecting the worse to happen which will happen eventually, it’s only a matter of time because I still can’t see why anyone would want to be with me. I know I have to love myself before anyone can love me but I just can’t. There’s nothing to love. She is really amazing and lovely and I think she’s far too kind to hurt me and that’s why she hasn’t said anything.

Anyway I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all have a great year.

Thanks for reading

love, snowy

Sony Sold Oer 1 Million PS4s

Sony today announced that they have sold through over 1 million PS4s in the first 24 hours it went on sale. The PS4 has smashed every other consoles first month launch sales by a wider margain as you can see in this grap. The PS2 is missing in the chart but that only sold 391,245 in its first month.


As you can see the first 24 hours has been fantastic and let’s hope that they can restock before Black Friday. This chart is for North American only. The PS4 releases on the 29th November for us in Europe and it’s very likely they can double maybe triple those sales. Also to point out because some people will argue that these are shipped not sold. @yosp have confirmed these are sold.

The Xbox One will release next week in 13 countries and in my opinion will not sell as much althogh MS will announce numbers as shipped worldwide.

Thanks for reading.


Sony’s New ToS Drama

Or the lack of.

Sony released their updated ToS and before people could do anything on psn they had to agree with it. I like most peopel didn’t bother reading although I know I should but would take too long. Anyway some people actually did read it and and something jumped out at them.

In their ToS it says “you can not resell game” and that little sentence created a shitstorm. Journalists pounced on it like a chav on tracksuit bottoms. Instead of Journalists doing their job and researching, they were spreading FUD about how Sony is doing DRM (which makes no fucking sense) just like MS.

If people have bothered to read the ToS before they would know that it has always been like this. If people just flipped over the game case, the exact same fucking thing is written on that. Proof? here’s a picture of WWE 2k14


You can’t miss it because it’s in capital letters.

But hand on, let’s go back to the PS1 days, I’m sure they wouldn’t put it on those game right because Sony are doing exactly the same as MS with their DRM, right? (again DRM doesn’t make any sense whatsoever) Well what do you know it is on PS1 games., proof? here you go.


As you can see Sony have been doing this for years. It means absolutely jack shit because you’ve always been able to sell your games but of course journalists need to find anything negative about Sony and spread it to confuse the uninformed.

Now lets educate people on what MS was doing. MS were actually blocking you selling your games because they were locking your physical game to your account and turning that disk into a coaster. Let’s think of the disk as a key and you needed that to unlock the game. If you wanted to give your game away, that person would need to pay full price to get the key again even though they have the disk. That’s bullshit right? of course it is.

Well thank you for reading and I hope you learned something new and don’t quickly believe journalists.





Let’s Talk Xbox One

Okay I think everyone knows I’m not the biggest Xbox fan and with how Microsoft have dealt with announcing the Xbox One and all their anti-consumer practices, can anyone really blame me?

Let’s revisit some of those things MS proudly announced. Firstly they announced the Xbox One but they didn’t mention any games and unveil, it was all about TV and sports. that really should be the first red flag and to many, it was. There was rumours that the Xbone (yes I’m stuck using that name) will be always online and you will be locked out of your games if you didn’t “check in” with Microsoft, At E3 those fears were confirmed and what was MS’s attitude towards all the outrage? “Deal with it” or “You haven’t got internet? we have a console for you, it’s the 360” As you can see, they didn’t care about their customers.

It was Sony’s turn at E3 and what a show they put on. after the #PS4NoDRM campaign on twitter everyone was holding their breath to see what Sony would do and would you believe it? They told everyone what everyone wanted to know and that the PS4 would not have any drm at all and you could trade in or buy used games. Also announcing that the Ps4 will be $100 cheaper than the Xbone and people went crazy.

The pre-orders opened up and MS was still with the attitude that people will accept anything they throw at them but oh how wrong they were. The PS4 was dominating the Xbone in pre-orders and one month of that showed MS all they needed to know. Welcome the age of 180’s. They reversed the always online and used disk policies and then they decided to make the Kinect non-mandatory (There are some MS employees that still think they were right to do always online) They pretended to do this because they “listened” to the outrage but in reality they looked at the pre-order numbers.

As the launch of next gen approaches, news started to trickle out that the Xbone was struggling to reach 1080p for games and that became clear with developers confirming that their games were 1080p on the PS4 and 720p, People are going to pay $110 (including the price of Live and I’ve added the price of Plus as well for PS4) for weaker hardware. People can live with that and some people are defending that. That’s fine but that becomes a problem if you’re a journalist that should be letting people know about the facts but alas they are downplaying the differences. That irks me but whatever.

November has arrived and there’s a couple of people who have received their Xbone 2 weeks early. one person is selling it but the other person opened it up and like any normal person was excited to try it out. he shared everything with the internet via a live blog and it wads a positive experience. Then MS had to ruin and we all know what MS is like but they actually banned his console. Yep he did nothing wrong and they banned him. Sure Major Nelson is “looking into it” but they shouldn’t have banned him int he first pace.

So this is where I stand. MS are the scummiest gaming company that has ever been. EA are bad sure but MS are worse in my opinion. Sure they’ve bought a lot to the gaming world and improved online gaming but still they’re terrible.

Thanks for reading.


Next Gen Game Price Hike

Next gen is just around the corner, actually the PS4 comes out next week for the lucky people in North America. I’m not writing about the North America though because nothign has changed there. I am writing about Europe and the next gen tax for games. The RRP for PS4 games is £59.99 while the RRP for PS3 games is £49.99. Why are we forced to pay an extra £10 for the same game that North America gets which costs $59.99 the same as last gen?

No one has asked anyone this question and I find it infuriating that journalists are not doing their jobs and finding out why we are getting the short end of the stick. Sure prices do come down quite fast but that’s not the point. I thought publishers wanted to sell more copies of games and with the prices they set it’s going to do the exact opposite. £59.99 is a lot of money and sure I can afford to buy them but why must we pay that tax?

The price of the PS4 is perfect. £349.99 is great value for what you are going to get in that console. I do apologise for not talking about the Xbone but I have no interest in that console.

Anywho back to the games. It would be cheaper for us to import games from North America then pay for games here and thankfully the PS4 is region free and I will be importing games that won’t get released here. I would really like it if any journalist can ask SCEE why they’re charging us even more .I would ask them myself but I have zero contacts., Oh well.

Thank you for reading my rant.