Time Flies

Hey guys, can you believe we’re already 3 months into 2015? Time sure does fly when you get older. Nothing has changed much for me and I really don’t think it but I will get into that later. I just wanted to say I apologise for not updating my blog. I know I keep promising to update it often but I just don’t have anything interesting to say. Let’s get to it then and I sure do hope you enjoy reading it.

Well I’ve been looking for work for a few months now and No one will hire me. I’m looking for any jobs and apprenticeships but I haven’t had any luck with it at all. It makes me feel worse about me because I already feel unwanted as it is and this feels like it’s confirming it that. I mean I’m trying my best at everything I do and It’s not good enough for anybody. I’m tired of being me, I mean, what I have done to deserve this? I’m doing well at college but that’s only one evening a week. I’m very thankful I’ve made a friend there because it makes it much better than being alone.

Now on to my love life or should I say lack of love life. I don’t think I’ll find anyone to ever love me because let’s be honest girls want the muscled heroes and not the fat ugly loser. Many girls have lied to me saying they’ve liked me but they just say that to get what they wanted and I’ve lost so much money on that but that’s my fault for being gullible. I really do think I’m going to die without ever knowing love and it just gets to me.  I know I shouldn’t admit this but I do cry myself to sleep what with not being good enough to get a job and being unwanted by the female sex.

that’s the bad over and done with now on to the good.

Florida was amazing!!! I really feel like I belong in America, there were lots of nice people and I enjoyed every sing;e day I was there. I got over my fear of roller-coasters and enjoyed going on them every single time I went to universal Studios. The dragon challenge was my favourite ride I went on. I ate so much nice food and I didn’t gain much weight which I’m thankful for. I’m hoping to go again next year but this time to Vegas but let’s see what deals there are.

I’m starting to learn to drive next month, I’m getting my provisional license this month so I’m looking forward to that and I can’t wait to drive all over the UK.  I’ve also got over 130 plainum trophies on my PSN account which I’m very proud of even though I know they’re not important.

Anyway thanks for reading and I’ll update my blog on how my driving is getting alone.

Take care



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