Sony’s New ToS Drama

Or the lack of.

Sony released their updated ToS and before people could do anything on psn they had to agree with it. I like most peopel didn’t bother reading although I know I should but would take too long. Anyway some people actually did read it and and something jumped out at them.

In their ToS it says “you can not resell game” and that little sentence created a shitstorm. Journalists pounced on it like a chav on tracksuit bottoms. Instead of Journalists doing their job and researching, they were spreading FUD about how Sony is doing DRM (which makes no fucking sense) just like MS.

If people have bothered to read the ToS before they would know that it has always been like this. If people just flipped over the game case, the exact same fucking thing is written on that. Proof? here’s a picture of WWE 2k14


You can’t miss it because it’s in capital letters.

But hand on, let’s go back to the PS1 days, I’m sure they wouldn’t put it on those game right because Sony are doing exactly the same as MS with their DRM, right? (again DRM doesn’t make any sense whatsoever) Well what do you know it is on PS1 games., proof? here you go.


As you can see Sony have been doing this for years. It means absolutely jack shit because you’ve always been able to sell your games but of course journalists need to find anything negative about Sony and spread it to confuse the uninformed.

Now lets educate people on what MS was doing. MS were actually blocking you selling your games because they were locking your physical game to your account and turning that disk into a coaster. Let’s think of the disk as a key and you needed that to unlock the game. If you wanted to give your game away, that person would need to pay full price to get the key again even though they have the disk. That’s bullshit right? of course it is.

Well thank you for reading and I hope you learned something new and don’t quickly believe journalists.






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