Next Gen Game Price Hike

Next gen is just around the corner, actually the PS4 comes out next week for the lucky people in North America. I’m not writing about the North America though because nothign has changed there. I am writing about Europe and the next gen tax for games. The RRP for PS4 games is £59.99 while the RRP for PS3 games is £49.99. Why are we forced to pay an extra £10 for the same game that North America gets which costs $59.99 the same as last gen?

No one has asked anyone this question and I find it infuriating that journalists are not doing their jobs and finding out why we are getting the short end of the stick. Sure prices do come down quite fast but that’s not the point. I thought publishers wanted to sell more copies of games and with the prices they set it’s going to do the exact opposite. £59.99 is a lot of money and sure I can afford to buy them but why must we pay that tax?

The price of the PS4 is perfect. £349.99 is great value for what you are going to get in that console. I do apologise for not talking about the Xbone but I have no interest in that console.

Anywho back to the games. It would be cheaper for us to import games from North America then pay for games here and thankfully the PS4 is region free and I will be importing games that won’t get released here. I would really like it if any journalist can ask SCEE why they’re charging us even more .I would ask them myself but I have zero contacts., Oh well.

Thank you for reading my rant.



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