Let’s Talk Xbox One

Okay I think everyone knows I’m not the biggest Xbox fan and with how Microsoft have dealt with announcing the Xbox One and all their anti-consumer practices, can anyone really blame me?

Let’s revisit some of those things MS proudly announced. Firstly they announced the Xbox One but they didn’t mention any games and unveil, it was all about TV and sports. that really should be the first red flag and to many, it was. There was rumours that the Xbone (yes I’m stuck using that name) will be always online and you will be locked out of your games if you didn’t “check in” with Microsoft, At E3 those fears were confirmed and what was MS’s attitude towards all the outrage? “Deal with it” or “You haven’t got internet? we have a console for you, it’s the 360” As you can see, they didn’t care about their customers.

It was Sony’s turn at E3 and what a show they put on. after the #PS4NoDRM campaign on twitter everyone was holding their breath to see what Sony would do and would you believe it? They told everyone what everyone wanted to know and that the PS4 would not have any drm at all and you could trade in or buy used games. Also announcing that the Ps4 will be $100 cheaper than the Xbone and people went crazy.

The pre-orders opened up and MS was still with the attitude that people will accept anything they throw at them but oh how wrong they were. The PS4 was dominating the Xbone in pre-orders and one month of that showed MS all they needed to know. Welcome the age of 180’s. They reversed the always online and used disk policies and then they decided to make the Kinect non-mandatory (There are some MS employees that still think they were right to do always online) They pretended to do this because they “listened” to the outrage but in reality they looked at the pre-order numbers.

As the launch of next gen approaches, news started to trickle out that the Xbone was struggling to reach 1080p for games and that became clear with developers confirming that their games were 1080p on the PS4 and 720p, People are going to pay $110 (including the price of Live and I’ve added the price of Plus as well for PS4) for weaker hardware. People can live with that and some people are defending that. That’s fine but that becomes a problem if you’re a journalist that should be letting people know about the facts but alas they are downplaying the differences. That irks me but whatever.

November has arrived and there’s a couple of people who have received their Xbone 2 weeks early. one person is selling it but the other person opened it up and like any normal person was excited to try it out. he shared everything with the internet via a live blog and it wads a positive experience. Then MS had to ruin and we all know what MS is like but they actually banned his console. Yep he did nothing wrong and they banned him. Sure Major Nelson is “looking into it” but they shouldn’t have banned him int he first pace.

So this is where I stand. MS are the scummiest gaming company that has ever been. EA are bad sure but MS are worse in my opinion. Sure they’ve bought a lot to the gaming world and improved online gaming but still they’re terrible.

Thanks for reading.



2 responses to “Let’s Talk Xbox One

  1. Cool article.

    I’ve enjoyed 6 relatively controversy-free years of the Xbox 360, and in all honesty, it’s been a blast.

    Halo 3, GTA IV, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Forza 2, GTA V, Castle Crashers and the Mass Effect Trilogy have made for an awesome generation of console gaming, and if anything, looking back on the good times have only made me want to be a part of the next-gen even more.

    I’ve made my decision too; Playstation 4, and it isn’t one made in spite of MS. Their handling of the Xbone has been catastrophic like you said, and I feel for that guy that got console banned as well.

    Anyway, as somebody who spent years with the PS1 & PS2 only to skip the PS3, it’s good to be ‘coming home’ so to speak. I decided on the PS4 for obvious reasons; better exclusives, better price point, easier to develop for & heading in a direction that makes me continually excited to be a gamer. Can’t wait.

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