Batman Arkham Origins

So today Batman Arkham Origins arrived and it is amazing. I bought the collector’s edition of the game. (I try and buy every collector’s edition or limited edition)


It cost £80 and I think it was well worth it. You can check out the contents below. I really need to get the American Collector’s Edition because they have a different figure which I love.


In the Collector’s Edition you get an Artbook, Batman holding the Joker figure, something you shouldn’t open until you’ve completed the game and and a steelbook which I think is my new favorite.

So about Batman Arkham Origins. As you can guess it is a prequel to the Arkham games developed by Rocksteady.  Origins is developed Warner Brother Montreal and they’ve done an excellent job with the game. It uses the same freeflow system but it’s much faster. Sure there is frame rate drops when going across the city but it’s nothing game breaking. 

The story of Origins is that Black Mask has put a bounty on batman’s head and 8 bounty hunter try and kill him to claim fame and fortune. I haven’t got far in it yet but I have defeated Deathstroke and I’m about to check out a crime scene where “Black mask” has been killed. I don’t think it’s the real back mask though. You will get to see many familair faces while playing through the games and of course you have to the riddler challenges although he isn’t called the riddler in this game.

I’m going to try and get the platinum trophies but the challenges always stop me. I’m not very good at the challenges but will give it my best shot.  I still need to go back and get the platinum for Arkham Asylum and and Arkham City. Damn those challenges. D:

So if you’re a fan of Batman Arkham then you should defiantly buy this game or even if you are a fan of action games then buy it. I would score it a 8/10 which is excellent. Also if you’re feeling generous you can get me the American Collector’s Edition or if anyone at Warner Brothers read this, they could send me one. I’m joking of course but it would be nice.

Thanks for readinbg



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