Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Has arrived.



Yes, I bought the limited edition of kingdom hearts 1.5 HD and I must say it was worth the price. Well the prices wasn’t more than the normal edition but still worth it. 

“What do you get with the limited edition?” I hear you ask. Well all you get is an artbook (on the right) but it is amazing. I mean just look at the cover art for the book.  xD

I did get the Japanese versio0n when that released but it’s difficult playing a heavy story game in a language you don’t understand but I make do. I’m a bit disappointed that the trophy list carries over from the Japanese trophy list but oh well.  One of the trophies is finishing the game in under 15 hours and that’s what I’m aiming for. I have to skip all the cuteness to do it but I will have to play it again so I can watch them on that play-through.


I’ve played 2 hours so far and I’ve reached the Tarzan world and the guy (don’t know his name name) on the gecko is kicking my ass. I will have to go back and get more potions. I will also have to level up some more i think because the later levels are harder.  I’m playing it on easy just for this trophy then I will play on proud mode.


I think the Nightmare Before Christmas level is my favorite. I just love that music and that world. 😀 I am sticking with Donald and Goofy in my party because of the trinity spots although i have missed loads of them.

What do i think of the game? I love it! I’m a huge Disney and SE fan and this game is perfect for everyone like me. I’ve played it before on the PS2 and loved it back then too. It looks stunning in HD and you can really tell they worked hard on it., This game makes me even more excited for Final Fantasy X-X2 HD

Well that’s it for now, I’ll keep you updated on my progress.

Oh, I almost forgot. Puppeteer will be here tomorrow so come back then and I’ll tell you my thoughts on it.

Thank you for reading





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