Update on my life

Hey readers.

Well it’s been 3 years since I first wrote the post “a little history about me” and now I’m 25. Geez time sure does fly doesn’t it? Anywho little has improved. Last year was terrible, My brother really went of the rails and once again I was horribly beaten on the head. This year is better sort of I’ve started going out again, I go to the cinema once a week so that’s something right? I really want to go to college this year and do something with me life so we’ll see if that happens. I’m still so scared going out.

I though I had found someone that actually liked me and wanted to be with me but obviously I was mistaken. I mean who wants to be with me, a “fat piece of shit”? She doesn’t talk to me much nowadays and I guess I’ve annoyed her or upset her somehow. 😦 I don’t deserve anyone anyway..

So here I am sitting on my computer updating my blog only a couple of people read. ❤ you by the way readers updating you on my boring life. I still have no friends in person but I wouldn’t trade my internet friends for anything.

Thank you fro reading my blog and I do apologies for all the grammar mistakes. I’m not so smart.



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