In Love

Hey readers

For the past 9 months I have been talking to a very special girl and she is so amazing. She likes everything I do and doing the same things as me. It’s really amazing that we have so much in common. She is the perfect girl!

We live in different countries but I feel so close to her and and I think about her all the time. I have given her my heart even though we haven’t met. She has seen me and said I am attractive which no other girl has said to me before. She’s so nice to me and she’s the first girl to get me a valentines gift which made me so happy.

This was the reason I wanted to go to America so I could meet her but that plan fell through and I was so depressed but she understood and she’s still talking to me, making me feel special. I can honestly say that i am in love with this girl and I hope one day she feels the same way as me,

I will not name the girl because I don’t want to embarrass her. Hopefully I can go to America soon to be with her. if anyone wants to help me be with my dream girl, I would appreciate that very much. She is the very first girl I have truly loved and I feel that i could spend my life with her. ❤

Thank you for reading my lovey dovey post.



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