A little History about me.

Well where should I start, I was born in Walsall and I lived the Pelsall area. I can’t remember my first home because I was only a baby but what my dad says it wasn’t a good neighbourhood,.when we went on holiday for the first time our neighbours broke into our home and stole everything in our house. I was only 1 at the time so I can’t remember any of it. after my parents went to the police our neighbors threaded to kill all of my family so we then moved to my second house.

My second house wasn’t as bad but wasn’t much better. My life got really bad then, my oldest brother used to beat me up daily and not just brotherly fighting but really kicked my ass. my older sister used to beat me up as well which sucked. I wasn’t a perfect kid when I was younger but I don’t think I deserved that. My oldest brother used to get drunk nearly everyday, maybe that is why he was violent. he used to have so many friends that were drug dealers so our house was just a hang out for them.

I didn’t have many friends but I did have one great friends when I lived there, he helped me get through some tough times and I’m very grateful for how he and his family treated me. I and some other “friends” did get into trouble with the police a few times but we was just being dumb kids lol. Every time I went outside I had people calling me names and some of them actually hit me for no other reason then because they could. My school life was ok when I was in junior school but I still got bullied.

When I got into secondary school my first year was very fun but it went downhill when I reached my second year. I got bullied severely and I also got physically bullied. I didn’t have friends at school so I was all alone with no one to turn to. I stopped going because I couldn’t stand the bullying  but my school didn’t care they just forced me to go.

in the middle of 2000 me and my other Brother and Mum and Dad moved to Willenhall . it was a much quieter place to live but I still got bullied on the streets by people in passing cars. I went to a school the specialised with people like me so that was great for me. My Mum left us when I was 14 which really hurt me and my brother. I left school when I was 16 and I failed my GCSE;s badly. I used to hang out with a couple of people after I left school but they were never my friends, they used to call me names and hit me.

I stopped going out when I was 18 because I started to hate going out because I just couldn’t put up with the bullying. I am now 22 and I haven’t been outside properly for 4 years. My only connection to the outside world is the internet and I wanna thank all my friends on psn who I play online with daily for keeping me sane lol.

So yeah, that’s my history.

Peter Boyd.


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